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韬略运动器材有限公司一直是头盔技术开发和设计的行业先锋。历经20余年的全新技术 开发,韬略在头盔的安全保护和设计的新颖方面不停的追求和突破。我们运用了许多独 有的技术比如空核:一种让冲击力更好的分散吸收的安全技术。我们跟全球顶尖的物理 学家以及设计师一起开发出最出色和最安全的款式。从小孩款到成人款,我们的头盔款 式覆盖所有的年龄段;从专业的赛道骑手到周末休闲的普通人群,我们的产品给所有的 人带来舒适和便利。持续改进我们头盔的技术和设计,给我们的骑手超安全的保护和超 棒的款式,这是我们的使命!


We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the 2014 China Cycle Trade Show in Shanghai.

Strategic Sports is the industry leader in helmet technology and design. With over 20 years of experience developing the latest technologies in helmet safety and innovative designs, Strategic Sports is continually paving the way in the advancement of helmet protection. We utilize many exclusive technologies such as Conehead, a leading product in shock absorbing safety. We work with the world's top physicists and designers to develop the latest advancements in helmet safety design. Our wide range of helmets encompasses children to adults, accommodating both hardcore riders and weekend warriors. Our mission is to continuously improve the technology and design of our helmets, providing superior protection and style for all our riders.

Come see us at Booth #1605, and we will be delighted to show you our new models and styles for 2014!

SMS Climbs To the Top SMS 攀登高峰


• SMS 一方面学习欧洲和北美的经验,把一些成功的技术引进亚洲;另一方面SMS又深知亚洲人有自身的生理特性.因此我们与香港理工大学一起发起研究:精确测量并用电脑抄数了上千个头型,从中得出了最适合亚洲人的头型.

• SMS精选了全球最好的头盔材料:来自美国的EPS和来自台湾的塑胶材料,我们还在考虑试用日本的塑胶材料, 然后由专业工程团队将这些材料使用在我们的产品上.

• 开发阶段,我们的头盔已经通过了非常严格的安全测试,确保SMS的头盔符合甚至超过安规标准. 在生产阶段,每个月还会有成千上万的头盔会从生产线随机抽取出来做批量测试,作为对客户的品质承诺, 我们把开发和批量测试视为必须的成本.所有测试过的头盔全部会报废,避免进入流通领域.

• 我们的工程师们不停的寻找新的机器设备,测试新的材料和新的制造方法,以便将最适合的方法或设备用于我们的产品.

• 在SMS团队,我们不止是单纯的工程师和设计师,我们也是骑手. 我们的SMS头盔会在实际骑行的状况下作日常的使用测试,确保我们的产品适合我们自己,家人和朋友. 这种实际的使用测试能收取重要反馈信息,以利于我们改善产品的舒适度,外型和功能.

• Speed Mobility System是们的商标, 我们追求的风格是"快速和激情".我们结合最好的技术,材料以及生方法,制造出最好的产品满足您的品味和速度要求.

• With over 20 years of helmet safety experience and through relentless innovations, SMS has been protecting riders by using the latest advancements in technology, materials and production methods.

• Learning from experience gained in Europe and North America, SMS is bringing that proven technology to Asia. However, SMS also knows Asian physiology is different and sponsored a development project with Hong Kong Polytechnic University where thousands of head-shapes were measured and computer scanned to obtain the optimal Asian fit.

• Only the best materials in the world such as EPS from USA and plastics from Taiwan and Japan are considered and then carefully developed into our products by our engineers.

• Prototype helmets are tested exhaustively during development to ensure SMS helmets meet or exceed safety standards. During production, about a thousand helmets are pulled from the manufacturing lines for random testing each month. This is a necessary cost to ensure quality for helmets we ship to our customers each. The tested helmets are all discarded and not reused.

•Our engineers have access to every machine available in the industry and are always experimenting with new materials and manufacturing methods to find the best solutions for our products.

• At SMS, we are more than engineers and designers, we are also riders. At SMS, our helmets are worn daily because we know only SMS helmets are good enough for ourselves AND our families and friends. This provides important feed back for further improvements in comfort, form and function.

•Speed Mobility System is our logo. Our model lifestyle is FAST AND FURIOUS. We combine the best in technology, materials and production to match your life style and speed.

• SMS Helmets. We are passionate about your safety.


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